PQR NUTS – 11 Pack (40% OFF)


This popular set consists of 11 pieces with standard nut thread sizes M16, M20, M22, M24, M30, M33, M36, M42, M48, M56, and 5/8″ PQR Nut to use on survey pillars for measurements with mini prisms.

PQR Nuts are made of durable, stainless steel material and can be used in tough environments.

PQR Nuts can either be used directly in bolt pickups and setout surveys, or used for marking of bolt centres prior to surveying.
PQR Nuts combine efficiency with consistent accuracy in the field.

Survey Accessories for Engineering Surveyors

PQR NUTS - 11 Pack

PQR Nuts - 11 Pack in the box

PQR Nuts in the box